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The Alex Benjamin Norris Award



The Rockville Centre Basketball League has been a part of the supervised recreation activities in the community for over 50 years.

The League's philosophy is based on equal play for all participants in order to provide student athletes with an opportunity to work hard to improve, to recognize one's own limitations, to accept players' strengths and weaknesses and to build teamwork.

The League is proud to recognize such commitment, leadership and participation by annually awarding The Alex Benjamin Norris Award. Alex was a player and a referee with the League who demonstrated the ability to achieve, to overcome obstacles and limitations and to lead and win respect by his unselfishness, commitment and energy.

This award is dedicated to the memory of Alex Benjamin Norris.  Alex reached for the stars in all that he did whether on or off the basketball court.  His desires to strive for excellence, to meet challenges with courage and dignity and, above all, to have fun were hallmarks of his character.  Alex refined his basketball skills playing BBL, first with the freshman and later with the majors.  He then went on to ref in the League, trying to give back to a sport that had brought him so much joy.  All this is his legacy.

It is with great pride that we present the annual Alex Benjamin Norris Award to a young man and a young woman who clearly exemplify Alex's high ideals.

The winners of the Alex Benjamin Norris Award for Effort, Commitment and Achievement are:

1995-1996:  Chris Hughes

1996-1997:  Billy Schaefer

1997-1998:  John Cottrell 

1998-1999:  Bobby Hom

1999-2000:  Brian Ferguson

2000-2001:  Kevin King

2001-2002:  Chris Rooney

2002-2003:  Keith Detwiller

2003-2004:  Dwayne Fielder

2004-2005:  Louis Barricelli

2005-2006:  James Santo

2006-2007:  Thomas Vercillo

2007-2008:  Greg Knoch

2008-2009:  Ryan Porter

2009-2010:  Timothy Coleman

2010-2011:  Conner Semple

2011-2012:  Nick Bruno

2012-2013:  Brendan McDerby

2013-2014:  James McTighe

2014-2015:  Jon Cheslock

2015-2016:  Matthew Boranian

2016-2017:  Ryan Prendergast 

2017-2018:  Chris Cusack

2018-2019:  Aidan Cagner

2019-2020:  James Thomas Berry

2020-2021:  Pandemic

2021-2022:  John Chiffriller

Jaime Gaddis

Brooke Wasserman

Alexis Broder

Jen Taylor

Megan Schaefer

Karen Wecksler

Alexis Skelos

Loreen Lawrence

Jameela Yousef

Jamie Oliver

Christine McDougal & Courtney Morin

Allison Wallace

Brittney Bannon

Bridget Murray

Kristen Caulfield

Brittany McNally

Caitlin Wallace

Charnae Jenkins

Bridget McFadden

Caroline Spadaro

Brianna Bigelow

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