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The Rockville Centre Basketball League Legacy Award

Basketball great, Michael Jordan, once said: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, others make it happen". 

It is in the spirit of this statement that the Rockville Centre Basketball League presents its Annual Legacy Award to the player who “makes it happen”!

The Legacy Award is presented to the player who in addition to strong basketball skills, possesses the personal characteristics that make this player standout: love for the game, intense competitive spirit and an unselfish desire to help the team succeed.

                       Girls                            Boys

2017-2018    Gianna Mauro            Ryan O'Shea

2018-2019    Kelsey Barrett             Matthew Seplowe

2019-2020    Theresa Kenny           Quinn Shannon

2020-2021    Dana Allen                  Owen Mullen

2021-2022    Bridget Basile             Luke Schwartzberg   

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