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1st Lt. USMC Ronald D. Winchester

The  1st Lt. USMC Ronald D. Winchester award is given by The Rockville Centre Basketball League to a 12th grade participant.  This individual best exemplifies the characteristics of 1st Lt. USMC Ronald D. Winchester as an outstanding student, athlete, family member and citizen.  1st Lt. USMC Ronald D. Winchester was killed in action September 3, 2004 defending the freedom we cherish.

For a video remembering Ronald, please go to:

For the 12/4/08 NY Times article by Ryan Goldberg read: 


For the 3/26/09 Newsday article read: 


2015 Season:  Eleven years after his death Sports Illustrated continues to recognize RVC resident 1st Lt. Ronald Winchester.

Former Navy football player Ron Winchester exemplified the Navy's core values, and his legacy lives on in Annapolis with the Lt. Ron Winchester Unsung Hero Award.

2004-2005:  Daniel Fallon 

2005-2006:  Brian Nielsen 

2006-2007:  Thomas Morr                 Kelly McNoble

2007-2008:  Matthew Johnson          Brian Palumbo

2008-2009:  Brian McNamara           Kathleen Gray

2009-2010:  Steven Cronley 

2010-2011:  Brendan McFadden  

2011-2012:  Dennis Treanor

2012-2013:  Brett DeVerna  

2013-2014:  Ryan McManus             Maria Anna Paone

2014-2015:  Patrick Carver 

2015-2016:  Ryan Clark 

2016-2017:  Dennis Dean                 Brendan Murphy

2017-2018:  Connor Dunster 

2018-2019:  Thomas deJong

2019-2020:  Brendan McCabe

2020-2021:  Pandemic

2021-2022:  Charles Ford                 Michael Smyth

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