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The MIKE RILEY SERVICE AWARD is presented annually by the Rockville Centre Basketball League to the individual who has contributed most to the success of the organization during the current year and in past years. To be eligible to receive this AWARD, an individual must be an active member for at least five years. Selection of this individual is made by the previous recipients of this coveted award.

1955-56: Henry Lewis, Commissioner 

1956-57: Abe Rabinwicz, Commissioner

1957-58: Irving Matloff, President

1958-59: Jules Salis, Commissioner

1959-60: Jack Walter, President

1960-61: Doris Hurwitz, Secretary

1961-62: Bernard Silberman, President

1962-63: George Aron, President

1963-64: Wes Carll, Commissioner

1964-65: Stan Bralower, Commissioner

1966-67: Phil Kleinman, Commissioner

1967-68: George Mehlman, Sponsor

1968-69: Gene Lucey, President

1969-70: Fred Schuhman, Commissioner

1970-71: Henry Kirsten, Commissioner

1971-72: Vincent Santo, President

1972-73: Fred Simons, Commissioner

1973-74: Elliot Labiner, Vice President

1974-75: Harry Hochman, Commissioner

1975-76: Hal Silverman, Commissioner

1976-77: Harriet Simons, Secretary

1977-78: Sol Maskin, President

1978-79: Phil Geyer, Commissioner

1979-80: Allen Platt, Commissioner

1980-81: Mike Paturzo, Commissioner

1981-82: Mike Riley, Commissioner

1982-83: Herb Dubovy, President

1983-84: David Gray, President

1984-85: Tom McNicholas, Commissioner

1985-86: Rita Von Essen, Secretary

1986-87: Paul Gourvitz, Commissioner

1987-88: Tim Maher, Commissioner    

1988-89: Jack Hubbell, Commissioner

1989-90: Craig Barney, Commissioner 

1990-91: Les Gilbert, President    

1991-92: Bill Herlihy, Commissioner 

1992-93: Ron Norris, Commissioner    

1993-94: Jack Matthews, Commissioner    

1994-95: Al Cohn, Commissioner    

1995-96: Bill Faraday,Commissioner    

1997-98: Steve Ryerson, Boys Coordinator    

1998-99: Ed Kucharski, President    

1999-2000: Bill Lembo, Treasurer    

2000-2001: John Gaffney, Commissioner    

2001-2002: Dave Blumenthal, Secretary    

2002-2003: Craig Simonian, Treasurer    

2003-2004: Mike Goetz, Girl's Coordinator    

2004-2005: Patrick Gordon, President    

2005-2006: Ken Acerno, Boy's Coordinator    

2006-2007: Dan Melia, Referee Coordinator    

2007-2008: Greg Fanning, Treasurer    

2008-2009: Dan Croutier, Girl's Coordinator    

2009-2010: Dennis Rock, Board Member    

2010-2011: Joe Minasi, Boys Coordinator    

2011-2012: Bob O'Brien, Boys Coordinator    

2012-2013: John Culkin, Purchasing Coordinator    

2013-2014: Tom Ryan, Board Member    

2014-2015: Tom Wagner, Board Member    

2015-2016: Pat Agresti, Board Member    

2016-2017: Frank Cecere, Board Member

2017-2018: Phil Frank, Commissioner/Board Member

2018-2019: Jamie deJong, Coach

2019-2020: Eddie O'Connell, Board Member

2020-2021: Pandemic

2021-2022: Mike Shevlin, Board Member, Boys Coord.

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