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The Tim Brennan Good Guy Award


The Tim Brennan Good Guy Award is presented to the individual who has exemplified the Over 40 League’s Principles of Sportsmanship and Camaraderie and has contributed to the success of the League through their participation as a player, a sponsor or by being an active supporter.

The award honors Tim Brennan one of the founders of the League and an ardent basketball enthusiast.  Tim was a “Good Guy” in all aspects of his life on and off the court.

2022:  Jeff Mills, Player

2021:  No award due to pandemic

2020:  No award due to pandemic

2019:  Pat O'Brien, Player

2018:  Ed Oppenheimer & Mark Hudak, Players & Photographers

2017:  Ken Acerno, Player & Sponsor

2016:  Dan Melia, Head Referee

2015:  Rich DeGregoris, Player & Sponsor

2014:  Jim Doyle, Player

2013:  Jim O’Hara, Player & Treasurer

2012:  Jim McTighe, Player

2011:  Bob Bonagura, Founder, President & Player

2010:  Jim Kelly, Officer & Player

2009:  Dave McDonald, Player & Sponsor

2008:  Bill Schnaars, Player

2007:  Tony Brunetta, RVC Parks & Recreation 

2006:  Justin McCarthy, Officer & Treasurer

2005:  Tom McNicholas, Player

2004:  John Gaffney, Player

2003:  Richard Nuccio, Sponsor & Medical Support

2002:  Bill Faraday, Player & League Founder

2001:  Joe Caruana, Player

2000:  Phil Straub, Head Referee

1999:  Mike Gimple, Player

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